Celebrate the Colorado Street Bridge From Afar

The bridge-based bash has traditionally been held at the Pasadena landmark, but we'll honor the celebrated span from home in 2020.

Pasadena Heritage

What to Know

  • Aug. 9-15, 2020
  • Virtual event includes a car show, a children's event, member perks
  • $20-$25

So you just received an invitation to a bridge party?

You're probably going to ask what snacks you'll need to bring, or drinks, and whether you should show up with an extra pack of playing cards and a pad of paper for keeping score.

But, on occasion, the words "bridge party" mean something totally different, especially if you're in the vicinity of the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, and the 134 Freeway.

For that kind of bridge party is all about the landmark span that sits near the western edge of the Crown City, a handsome arroyo-crosser that has served cars and pedestrians for well over a century now.

It's the Colorado Street Bridge we're talking about here, the lamppost'd, curve-cool byway that is honored by Pasadena Heritage with a special on-the-bridge party each summer.

The 2020 bash, however, will not take place on the bridge, due to the pandemic.

It will be a virtual happening, one that will delve into the history of the Rose Bowl-close, up-in-the-air roadway, and its significance to the community.

And a change from years gone by? The 2020 Virtual Celebration of the Colorado Street Bridge will take place over several days, "spanning" from Aug. 9 through 15.

"We have put together an exciting and comprehensive schedule of events with a different program every day of the week," shared the organizers.

"From a panel discussion on the new fencing on the bridge, virtual beer tasting and bridge trivia, custom and classic car cruise, children's event, to a members-only and sponsor-only events, there is something for everyone!"

"Proceeds will support Pasadena Heritage’s ongoing work to preserve and protect Pasadena’s architectural treasures, including the iconic Colorado Street Bridge!"

Keep in mind that beers for the virtual happy hour with Eagle Rock Brewery on Aug. 14 must be ordered (and paid for) separately.

The bridge has served as a grand and picturesque entryway into Pasadena for decades. To learn more about its early story, why it is curved (and how unusual this is), and what the future holds for this handsome treasure, join the bridge party in mid-August.

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