Celebrate World Wellness Weekend at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

The Temescal Valley land o' tubs, mud baths, and more will send off summer with a bevy of wind-down delights.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

What to Know

  • Sept. 18 and 19, 2021
  • Sound baths, special yoga sessions, more
  • Also: evening hours at the outdoor property have been extended through Oct. 10 (Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays)

How does a person who is keen to connect with a true spirit of serenity properly send off the summer season?

It seems like skipping energy-depleting pursuits, at least for a couple of days, is one route to making that happen. But finding a winning way to fully relax, unwind, shake off the stress, and let go of all of the loose ends is the second part of the summer's-ending equation (those loose ends can be tied up at another time).

It just so happens that the final weekend of summertime is coinciding with World Wellness Weekend, a two-day event that will be observed at retreats, yoga studios, pretty places burbling with hot springs, and sound bath centers in Southern California and beyond.

And if several of those serene-sweet spots summon one of our region's oldest wind-down destinations to mind, you're not alone: Glen Ivy Hot Springs has long been a hub of wellness, a lovely location that has been helping humans savor a good soak for several decompressful decades.

The Temescal Valley nexus of soak-a-tude will honor the weekend with a number of special events on Sept. 18 and 19, including aquafit classes, face yoga, and a sound bath meditation.

Of course, the airy space, which is dotted with burbling tubs of various designs, shapes, and temperatures, will be open for those guests seeking traditional soaks, time to bask in the sunbeams, and goopy-glorious Club Mud visits, too.

A daytime admission to Glen Ivy is $145, while soaking in the evening vibes only is $90.

Can't make this getaway favorite over the final weekend of summer but still want to unkink the kinks and unfurl the furls of daily life?

Here's something that's should further summon the spirit of serenity: Evening hours have proven to be so well-liked at Glen Ivy that they've just been extended. You can now enjoy the Golden Hour at the property's tubs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, right through to Oct. 10, 2021.

Live music is part of the special evening happenings, so check out the schedule before you go.

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