Centennial Farm's Frolicsome Goat Yoga Is Back

A trio of beginner sessions will bring the stretches, and sweetness, to the Costa Mesa agra-spot.

What to Know

  • Saturday, May 18; 8, 9:30, and 11 a.m.
  • OC Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa
  • $45

Pointing out where exactly we're at on the Big Ol' Chart of Feelings, the one we keep taped to the kitchen wall?

We may sometimes be cranky. We're often a little salty. Sometimes we're sweet and sometimes we bring the heat.

But putting a finger on the "frolicsome" category? We don't usually get the chance in this busy, workaday, stressy-stressy world.

Here's a frolicsome character we can all feel inspired by: a goat. With all of their leaping and their baa-ing and their devotion to standing on top of things, kids are some of the cutest animals around, and, by far, the critters most inclined to frolic.

And the scene'll be unusually frolicky on Saturday, May 18 at Centennial Farm in Costa Mesa.

That's because Goat Yoga is back, for three beginner-level sessions, and if you're asking yourself "is this the event where people do yoga and goats look incredibly adorable in the near vicinity," here's your answer: baaa.

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Which, of course, is "yes" in goat-ese.

A session is $45, there are three of them, all scheduled for the morning, with the first one raising its hooves at 8 o'clock.

Securing your spot through Spectra Yoga, even before you arrive?

So essential, as these goatly goings-on have a way of selling out faster than a small kid can leap atop a human back, if that human happens to be in the plank pose.

These are, by the by, "baby pygmy goats," which takes the frolicsome aspect to a whole new level.

And the organization behind all of this cuteness?

Thank you, Fountain Valley Cloverdales 4-H Club, for showing with these beard-rocking babies. You're doing a real service, one involving animal kindess, physical fitness, and pure joy. 

If you'd like to watch Goat Yoga, but not participate, entry to Centennial Farm is free.

A bonus? It's open through to 4 in the afternoon, should you want to visit with some of the other animals that call the big red barn, and the surrounding area, home. 

Frolic up, and get down on your mats, Southern California, for a day so good it's baaaa'd.

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