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Cherry Blossoms Bashes Bursting at This Popular Garden

South Coast Botanic Garden will spend the merry, cherryful month of March honoring its bursting fruit trees in several celebratory ways.

South Coast Botanic Garden

What to Know

  • South Coast Botanic Garden
  • Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • Paint cherry blossoms and sip mimosas, go on a blossom hunt, learn to make cherry blossom kombucha

Finding a petal in your hair, a soft, small, pink-hued flower piece that fluttered down from the tree you just strolled beneath?

If it isn't exactly a common occurrence as March begins, it is something that many Southern Californians have experienced.

For our fruit trees are looking fairly fabulous as February says farewell, and several of those blossoms are making their way to the ground, our hair, and into our very souls.

Well, that last part might be a bit of a poetic stretch, but if cherry blossom time really feeds your spirit, and touches something meaningful within you, you'll want to commune with the flowering trees soon, preferably in a place that has several of them, all in a beautiful bunch.

South Coast Botanic Garden qualifies on that "beautiful bunch" front, and the Palos Verde Peninsula destination will spend the whole month of March casting a celebratory light on some of its most marvelous, flower-packed branches.

In fact, the Blossom Hunt, which opens on March 1, will last through May 31. A map, procured when you enter, will lead you around the location's 87 acres, all while you find the trees that are doing their bloomiest best to impress visitors.

There's a Sip and Paint event on March 7, and you bet, the cherries are the theme, as are mimosas. (Well, you'll enjoy the mimosas and paint the cherry blossoms, but we know that you knew that.)

On March 13? It's the Garden's Family Night Out, an event that includes both live drumming and origami demos.

And you can learn to make a cherry blossom blend kombucha on March 15.

Feeling the flutter, both from the petals landing on your head as you walk by a fruit tree, and the flutter in your blossom-loving heart?

Explore all of the cherry-tree'd to-dos at South Coast Botanic Garden, a place that will feel the cheer of cherry blossoms all March long, and even into April and May.

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