Chile en Nogada Pizza Arrives, Just in Time for Christmas

Poblano chiles and pomegranate seeds add festive flair to the limited-time pie, which is available at the Brooklyn Ave. Pizza Co. in Boyle Heights.

Brooklyn Ave. Pizza Co.

What to Know

  • Brooklyn Ave. Pizza Co. (available through Christmas)
  • $13
  • The City Terrace Small Business Toy Drive is happening through Dec. 21, so please donate a toy when you pick up your pie

Various shades of both red and green are seen just about everywhere in the week ahead of Christmas, including those foodstuffs that are intent on going the festive distance.

Sure, cookies and cakes can take on seasonal hues, but so do savory suppers, if we find just the right (and flavorful) toppings.

And one of the most merry, sweet, and piquant of all the red-meets-green goodies out there, as we approach Christmas 2020, can be found at the Brooklyn Ave. Pizza Co. in Boyle Heights.

Chef Mario Christerna's restaurant, which made its official debut earlier in December, is offering a notably Noël-style pie through Christmas.

Jakob Lyman

It's the Chile en Nogada pizza, a creamy concoction that features both ricotta and mozzarella, pleasing cheese lovers twice over.

And delivering the visual holiday joy, as well as the spicy/sweet notes?

Roasted poblano chiles and pomegranate seeds, two toppers that add deep green loveliness and bright red pop to the December-perfect pie.

"In tribute to Christerna's rich Mexican heritage and love for Chile en Nogada — a traditional holiday dish usually consisting of poblano chiles stuffed with picadillo topped with a walnut-based cream sauce also known as 'nogada,' and finished with pomegranate seeds — the Chile en Nogada pizza is an expression of Christerna's and Brookyn Ave. Pizza Co's dedication to honoring their cultural roots and local community," shared the restaurant.

Eager to revisit this special dish in pizza form or to try it for the first time? Brooklyn Ave. Pizza Co. is open for both delivery and takeout.

As far as the wood-fired delectables on the pizzeria's permanent menu? Look for both traditional offerings, like a vivacious Veggie, as well as rarer pies like one featuring mole.

Mmm, rich mole and classic pizza: the perfect pairing? Absolutely.

And if you plan on stopping by to pick up your Chile en Nogada pizza through Dec. 21?

Do show with a toy to donate, if you can, to the City Terrace Small Business Toy Drive.

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