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Chill Out in a Snow-Famous Spot (Even if Snow Is Currently a No-Go)

Snow Valley Mountain Resort's Scenic View Chairlift Rides are happening on select weekend days through October.

Snow Valley Mountain Resort

What to Know

  • Snow Valley Mountain Resort
  • Scenic View Chairlift Rides are running on select days through Oct. 30, 2022
  • $25; $19 Twilight Deal from 2 to 5 p.m. on Fridays

Honestly? We fully understand that it is about as hot as it gets as September 2022 starts.

And snow? The fluffy cold stuff is fully a no-go, a big nope, something that's so not happening, a wonderful vision that can be enjoyed only in our frostiest daydreams.

But can you make the journey to a place that has "snow" in its name, all to achieve some chill-down cheer? That is a possibility, even as Southern California's weather dances against the ceiling of triple-digit territory.

That place is Snow Valley Mountain Resort, a San Bernardino Mountains attraction that is most definitely known for cold, pretty, falling-from-the-sky flakes around December or even November.

But the Running Springs recreation destination doesn't shutter come summer; rather, it offers all sorts of warm-weather diversions, including hiking, biking, and weekend rides on the Scenic View Chairlift.

Well, weekends and Fridays, but then you might count the final day of the week as an unofficial member of the Weekend Club (we know we like to do so).

And the chairlift? It will continue to run, through Oct. 30, 2022, on select days, with a "Twilight Special" available on Friday afternoons from 2 to 5 o'clock.

Details on pricing, hours, and everything you need to know before calling upon "the closest ski area to the valley floor" are now "accumulating" on the Snow Valley site.

Yes, we said "accumulating" because we're living in a summer-defying snowy fantasy these days, all to attempt to summon some sweater-weather feels of wintertime.

Alas: Those bundle-up joys are still a good distance out, but calling upon a "Snow"-y spot, during this scorchful September puts us in a frostier frame of mind.

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