Cholula Is Offering a Free Burrito Deal for Cinco de Mayo

The popular hot sauce is providing "burrito insurance" at select restaurants on May 5.


What to Know

  • Wednesday, May 5
  • The popular hot sauce is giving people "burrito insurance" on Cinco de Mayo
  • Use the code BURRITODOWN through DoorDash at select restaurants and get $20 toward "any order that includes a burrito"; a small bottle of Cholula will also be included with select orders

The proper amount of stuffage when it comes to composing a perfect burrito?

That quantity is truly is up to the palate of the burrito holder.

You might want your carefully wrapped tortilla to be absolutely packed with peppers, rice, or beans, and the cheese component? Desiring an entire block of choice cheddar or Monterey Jack, a block that's been well-shredded, is a craving that dairy devotees know well.

But sometimes a well-stuffed burrito can experience a bit of understandable breakage, if you've successfully included all of the goodies that personally tempt your taste buds.

Cholula Hot Sauce understands our desire to fill a burrito with all of our favorite things, and that in doing so, we might experience a "burrito down" moment.

To help us get past that, and to assist burrito buffs in scoring a complimentary burrito on Cinco de Mayo, the tangy condiment has a deal afoot: Place an order via DoorDash on May 5, use the code BURRITODOWN, and "... unlock $20 toward any order that includes a burrito at participating restaurants with no delivery fees."

Again, this will be at select restaurants only, so make sure you're ordering from a place that's part of the Cinco celebration. And the limit? "There is a limit of one (1) code per order and that code may only be redeemed once," says the Cholula team.

This is also a "while supplies last" kind of deal, too.

Something sweet, or, rather, quite spicy about this promotion?

Select restaurants will also include a mini bottle of Cholula with your order, which you can add to the burrito you just bought, stash in your pantry, or keep handy in a pocket or purse for those times when you need extra heat while dining out.

Again, not every restaurant is doing this, but you just might find this add-on in your bag. Nice.

The company has also posted a folding tutorial, which is helpful if you're keen on burritos that brim with delicious goodies, and a Cholula chicken burrito recipe, too. You can find both on this site.

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