Choose Your Churro at a New LBC Sweet Shop

Churriño, which serves mini, Brazilian-inspired churros, has a host of fanciful flavors in store.


What to Know

  • The Promenade in Downtown Long Beach
  • Three mini churros for $4.95; larger packages available
  • Grand opening week: Dec. 2-7


No mincing words here: They warm the cockles, cheer the mind, and make the perfect dippable snack alongside your afternoon joe.

You can share them with a friend, top them with an array of colorful sprinkles, or ladle all sorts of gooey pastes, creams, and fruits over their crispy ridges.

Are they among the world's most perfect desserts? Most certainly, but we do wish sometimes wish they arrived in a slightly smaller form, if only because churros, given their length, can't always be savored in one sitting.

Enter the mini churro from Churriño, the brand-new churro shop that just debuted at The Promenade in Long Beach.

These goodies, which find their confection-sweet character from some of the traditional treats of Brazil, are more petite than the super-long churros we all know, but not on the flavor front.

For Churriño will offer a trio of signature flavors each day, as well as dozen toppings and drizzles. Among those? Oh yes, gold flakes is one choice, and almond butter made the list, too.

The three staples of the shop? Chocotella, Strawberry Jam, and Caramel Leche.

Churroists can also expect "three over-the-top churro creations" each month, and various packages in which to line up the churros they choose. The ChurroLover, at $4.95, nets you three mini churros, oh yeah.

And oh yeah, part two: Look for beverages like The Churrocino, which comes with a pair of "fresh crunchy churros on top."

Excuse us while we press the nearest "like" button with extra intensity.

Friends Nick Farkas, who hails from Brazil, and Kelvin Tan, who grew up in Burma, partnered on the sweet shop.

Also sweet? The grand opening week is still to come. For sure, Churriño is enjoying its soft open at the moment, but if you visit from Dec. 2-7, you'll enjoy 15% off your order.

The official opening day? It's Dec. 7, and plans are hatching as easily as a freshly baked churro snaps in two.

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