Churros Have Gone Full Pizookie

The crunchy/chewy comfort food is adding a sprinkle of sweetness to the classic BJ's dessert, for a limited time.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

What to Know

  • BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse
  • Limited-time dessert
  • $3 Pizookies each Tuesday

No one would dare demand that you pick a favorite dessert or choose the comfort food you crave the most.

Because for a lot of us? There are several solid contenders on the delectable list.

What happens, though, when two types of classic comfort-foodery, those dishes we turn to when we crave a little pick-me-up treat, meet in one smooshy-sweet, spoon-it-up confection?

Then we no longer have to choose. We can have both, all at once, which is what's happening for sweet-toothers who love churros and Pizookies more than anything in the world.

For BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse now has a limited-time Churro Pizookie, which is not unlike the other cookie-centered, ice cream-topped Pizookies you've known in your time, the chocolate chip and the peanut butter and the salted caramel Pizookies, too.

But this newest Pizookie is all about churros, those doughy, slightly-crispy-exterior'd, oh-so-soft-interior'd tubes of cinnamon-strong bliss.

Yep, ice cream is involved. We'll now pause here to allow you time to imagine how the cold and creamy confection enhances the mouthfeel of a churro.

Our watertight take? Ice cream and churros are complementary to the extreme.

The spoonable treat, which debuted at BJ's on March 5, will only be available for a limited time.

And something that's even sweeter?

If you're looking for a treat on a Tuesday, and, honestly, who isn't, whatever that treat may be, because we all made it through Monday, and we want to celebrate, check it out: Pizookies are priced at three bucks, each and every Tuesday.

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