CicLAvia: Glendale Meets Atwater Village

The "country's largest open streets event" is ready to pedal over the three-mile route.

Do anything 21 times over nearly seven years and you're going to encounter a variety of interesting conditions, with each experience standing out in a fresh way.

That goes for CicLAvia, the "country's largest open streets event," which has been pedaling down vast swaths of closed-to-cars streets around Southern California since the fall of 2010.

Each outing is distinct, which is no shocker. It might involve a new (or new to the event) neighborhood, or a return to a popular route with a few change-ups, or even a different weather forecast. It's part of the charm of this huge happening, which regularly draws tens of thousands of participants.

And if Glendale and Atwater Village are your personal bike-through-'em jams, and you dig June Gloom, then the next CicLAvia, the 21st outing for the popular event, is going to be one you'll want to join.

It's on Sunday, June 11, and while a gray day isn't promised, the weather forecast is winking and nodding in the general direction of June Gloom, making it prime, not-too-toasty riding weather.

The map? You can bet bustling, lots-to-look-at Brand Boulevard is involved, and a sizable stretch of Central Avenue, and Glendale Avenue, too. You can start anywhere, and wrap it all up anywhere, but just keep in mind that the hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 in the afternoon.

The price? No need to weigh your Spandex pockets down with a lot of change: It's free, as always, though plenty of sustenance-buying opportunities may be found along the route.

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So maybe do tuck some bills in a sock.

It's a route that's three miles, making it a bit shorter than some of the mega CicLAvias in the past, but however many times you want to pedal it, back and forth, is completely in your court.

And best make time to stop at the community booths you see, and to chat up other cyclists and pedestrians, the people who have now made the thrice-a-year event a major part of their LA lives, and how they joyfully connect with the city.

But will you get a morning dose of June Gloom? We're not saying to wear your heaviest sweatpants, but a light layering, if you're headed out earlier, could be the smart path to take.

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