CicLAvia Just Revealed Its Next Map, Open-Streeters

The end-of-April roll will cover nine miles of Venice Boulevard, from Mid City to the ocean.


What to Know

  • Sunday, April 26
  • Mid City Meets Venice
  • Nine miles of Venice Boulevard will be closed to cars

We often daydream about an afternoon spent on the beach, and how we'll splash in the surf, or dig into a juicy novel, or build something that maybe-sort of resembles a sand castle.

But getting to the beach? It's a motorized affair, not really worth mooning over, a prosaic trip that usually involves loading up the trunk.

Daydream about it? We do not.

But what if you could roll up to an iconic, seaside city on two wheels, just like all of the beach posters and postcards and movies and hit songs suggest you should do? Wheels attached to a rad bike or a wicked skateboard or a pair of sparkly skates?

We don't often get that chance, but we will on Sunday, April 26, when CicLAvia's next open-streets event takes over nine miles of Venice Boulevard.

The free event, which began in Los Angeles in the fall of 2010, just released the map of its next closed-to-cars happening, which will cover a sizable swath from the Mid City to Venice.

In fact, that's what the name of this outing is called: Mid City Meets Venice.

The most eastern hub? It's near Venice Boulevard and La Brea Avenue. The western terminus? When you see the waves, stop pedaling (yep, it's the furthest point you can go on Venice Boulevard).

Are there hubs between those two points? There are. Can you move in either direction? Woot woot (so yes). Can you do so over several sunshiny hours?

For sure: The streets will be closed to motorized traffic from 9 a.m. to 4 o'clock. Maybe you could cover the route twice, if that's your jam.

And we said "several sunshiny hours," but, of course, late April might be visited by some early May Gray, which is really June Gloom that hasn't fully bloomed.

Whatever the weather, what a pleasure it is to cover a lot of asphalt, however you want to cover it, as long as you haven't got a motor powering you along.

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