South LA

CicLAvia to Roll Along Western in South LA

The popular biking/strolling/skating event is set for July's second Sunday. Sweet: It's free to join.


What to Know

  • Sunday, July 10 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • South LA
  • Cycle the three-mile route at your own pace, starting at either end or in the middle; Western Avenue is the event's main thoroughfare

Loving a neighborhood, a street, an intersection, a row of shops, a particular park?

That's so easy to do around our ever-fascinating, ultra-huge region, where there are a lot of streets (fact) and many neighborhoods (truth) and oodles of intersections (an accurate assessment).

Spending a lot of time inside vehicles doesn't always give us the opportunity to know those shops, parks, and places, but when we're wearing roller skates, or on our bike, or simply taking a saunter?

Those connections are more meaningfully made.

CicLAvia has been about those meaningful moments since it first pedaled into our cycle-sweet lives in the autumn of 2010.

And while the event, which is all about opening streets to cyclists, saunterers, and people-powered motion, has called upon numerous neighborhoods numerous times, it always feels like a new map of a longtime favorite might be in the works.


That's just what's in exploratory store when the popular happening revisits South LA on Sunday, July 10.

CicLAvia called upon the area in late 2021, and in February 2020, with the earlier ride covering Central and the more recent event taking place along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, as well as a portion of Crenshaw Boulevard.

The July 10 roll is all about Western, with the northern hub located at the Expo/Western Metro station.

That isn't the starting point, or even the finish line, for attending CicLAvia is very much about joining in where you like, and completing your ride or walk at any point that suits you.

Of course, having a Metro station on the route is handy, should you want to leave your car behind. Also? CicLAvia is presented by Metro.

Take a look at the map before you go, peruse good-to-know tips and rules, and discover ways you can enjoy this sunshiny, breezy, and oh-so-neighborly happening, one that has been a part of our local fabric for nearly a dozen delightful years.

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