Cinderella Day: A Free FIDM Celebration

Don your ballgown, eye the famous movie costume, and enjoy royal fun.

While the notions of "midnight" and "chimes" and "clock strikes" all play romantically iconic roles in the timeless tale of "Cinderella," we can all agree that the pragmatic way of looking at the story's pivotal moment is this: Our heroine has a major deadline on the immediate horizon.

So, too, do those fashion mavens hoping to catch The 24th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibit, the annual free movie costume display at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising downtown. 

The springtime sartorial feast has a hard-and-fast wrap-date of Saturday, April 30, but you can eye the dozens of exquisite outfits before then, and play at being a princess for a few hours, too.

And all for free, too, which is so sweet it has to make everyone feel an eensy bit like they've just opened an invitation to a fairy tale ball. It's Cinderella Day at the FIDM Galleries Museum Shop, and the Saturday, April 9 soiree, while not a long affair, will twinkle with all the sparkle of a freshly polished tiara. 

It's a three-hour to-do — that's just about as long as we imagine Cinderella spent at the big ball, give or take — though it happens around the other 12 o'clock hour: noon. The actual time run is 11 a.m. to 2 o'clock, and within that span fans can do a few different things, like snack upon "royal treats" as well as try their hand at some craft-making.

The shimmery centerpiece to the costume-centered confection, which beckons "princesses and princes of all ages," is the chance to see the iridescent gown made famous by Disney's 2015 live-action film "Cinderella." You know the one, the dress that is simultaneously silver and blue and green and gray, all at once, and all quite wonderfully.

Want to pose for a "princess portrait" near the dress (and Prince Charming's charming togs, too)? That's totally allowed, so make sure you yourself are adorned in something fetching and castle-ready.

Just remember your deadlines, like a certain storybook heroine must. The free party wraps up at FIDM at 2 p.m. on April 9, while the Tuesdays-Saturdays costume exhibit bids goodbye on the final day of April.

Bong, bong, bong...

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