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Cinespia Unveils Its March Drive-In Movies

The cinema-loving collective is headed back to the Greek Theatre with four more classics.


What to Know

  • March 4, 5, 11, and 12
  • $45, limit four guests per car; DJ music and a concession stand are part of the scene
  • "The Fifth Element" and "Troop Beverly Hills" are first up on the schedule

March might be the cusp-iest of moments, a time when the sunshine seems to grow stronger, the afternoons longer, and yet? Summer's easier ways are still many days out, stumping lovers of warm-weather pleasures.

There are places, though, that merrily mimic some of the joys we know in July and August. Take the Greek Theatre, which is synonymous with live music shows, but also, on certain nights, a certain pop-up drive-in theater, helmed by a certain movie-loving collective that is much-associated with a certain Hollywood landmark when summer starts.

It's Cinespia we speak of, which is known for screening its films at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

But the group has also delivered a host of pop-up drive-in events in recent years, and those are continuing, even as spring is on the doorstep and Hollywood Forever regulars are awaiting the summer schedule.

And some of those drive-in events will add movie-strong vibes to the music venue, or rather right outside the music venue, where the tall oaks stand and the setting feels positively lush and arboreal.

Meaning this: Cinespia just unveiled four new movies for early March, and tickets are available now.

Those tickets, by the by?

They're $45, and they cover your car, but there is a limited number of guests per car. That would be four people, so invite your friends/family members accordingly.

As for the films adding sci-fi thrills, sweet smiles, action-y high jinks, and '70s style to our third month? "The Fifth Element," "Troop Beverly Hills," "Charlie's Angels," and "The Warriors" will all deliver on the big outdoor screen.

DJs are at every screening, and there's a concession stand, too, if you are a car-snacker by nature, especially when car-snacking coincides with movie-enjoying.

Cinespia is presented by Prime Video, Amazon Studios, and IMDB TV.

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