Cinespia's 20th Season Wraps With Starlit September Screenings

"Some Like It Hot" and "Coming to America" screen at Hollywood Forever, while "Back to the Future" time-hops to LA State Historic Park.


What to Know

  • The long-running outdoor series is known for screening blockbusters, cult favorites, and timeless classics; special events, like slumber parties, and themed photo areas are also fan favorites
  • "Some Like It Hot" (Sept. 11) and "Coming to America" (Sept. 25) will both screen at Hollywood Forever Cemetery (tickets run $20-$30 each)
  • "Back to the Future" will fly its DeLorean at LA State Historic Park on Sept. 19 (tickets are $18 each)

Movie-loving season stays strong for cinephiles throughout the calendar. There's always a fresh flick to watch, an oldie to sniffle over, and a sweet story to give one's heart momentary wings.

But the season for watching movies outdoors, even in not-so-chilly Southern California? For the most part, that's got a sell-by date on it, each and every year.

And that season at Cinespia, the venerable purveyor of outdoor film spectaculars, is coming to a close in September.

But wait: Before the film lovers can run the credits on their series for another season, there are a few more movies to go, with a special appearance by one of the films at an unusual location.

Well, unusual for Cinespia, we'll say. The series is known for its Hollywood Forever Cemetery screenings, and there are still some of those just ahead, but a "Back to the Future" night will fly its DeLorean for Los Angeles State Historic Park on Friday, Sept. 19.

Even though it is at a different spot, you'll still want to don your red puffy jacket, Marty McFly-style, if you have one.

As for the films set to shimmer at Hollywood Forever? "Some Like It Hot" sets sandy-footed sail at Saturday, Sept. 11, while "Coming to America" delivers the comedy on Saturday, Sept. 25.

Oh yes, and the fireworks, too: The final night of the series will feature a sparkler of a sky show.

Can you show with your own blanket and snacks for these nights? That's tradition, as is snapping a fun photo in the event's themed "room" (people often attire themselves in loving odes to the characters seen on-screen).

"We're thrilled to be closing out our 20th anniversary season with some great films at Hollywood Forever and our newest Cinespia venue, the LA Historic Park," said Cinespia founder, John Wyatt.

"We’re so grateful for everyone’s support through this season and can't wait for 2022."

Tickets for the Hollywood Forever screenings and "Back to the Future" at LA State Historic Park, as well as the movies set for Labor Day Weekend at Hollywood Forever?

Fly your own time-traveling DeLorean by this site now to secure yours.

The 2021 season is presented by Amazon Studios.

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