Valentine's Day

Cinespia's Drive-In Will Woo Film Fans at The Greek Theatre

Valentine's-ready flicks, and some cinematic anti-Valentine's energy, will be up on the outdoor screen in mid-February.


What to Know

  • Cinespia's Drive-In at The Greek Theatre
  • Feb. 11, 12, 18, and 19, 2022; check times before purchasing
  • $45; limit four guests per car

A classic meet-cute?

Truly, two potential lovebirds can meet anywhere if they live within the boundaries of a modern movie, from a stuck elevator to a laundromat to a bustling street corner.

But, quite often, a screenwriter will place the paramours in an uplifting arboreal setting, where the trees above add a romantic backdrop and birdsong provides the lilting soundtrack.

We don't often have the opportunity to savor an emotion-filled film while calling upon a leafy locale, for indoor cinemas do tend to lack vegetation, and drive-in theaters are typically placed in wide-open lots, where trees may be seen in the distance, if at all.

That isn't the case with Cinespia's Drive-In at The Greek Theatre, which is most definitely set in an oaky expanse, the sort of splendidly sylvan spot that seems as though it may have been chosen by a film's location manager.

It is an ideal situation for watching Valentine's-perfect movies from your car, or the occasional not-so-Valentine's-y flick, or even those essential works where the love springs from friendship or a platonic place.

And a few of those fantastic films will unspool over the weekend before Valentine's Day 2022, and the weekend that follows.

"My Best Friend's Wedding" starts off the series on Feb. 11, "Gone Girl" brings the jump-scares on Feb. 12, while "American Graffiti," "Drop Dead Gorgeous," "Paper Moon," and "Mars Attacks" round out the second weekend.

An admission ticket, which covers a car?

It's $45, and that includes up to four people. There are other good-to-knows, about wearing a mask if you visit the snack bar, the pre-movie DJ tunes, and the event's other from-the-heart haps.

True, Cinespia is synonymous with summertime cemetery screenings at Hollywood Forever for many locals. But in the winter, spring, and fall, you just might be able to fall in love with a movie in a tree-laden location, a drive-in that is dappled by day and delightful by night.

Cinespia's Drive-In at The Greek Theatre is presented by Amazon Studios, Prime Video, and IMDB TV.

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