Cinespia's Fireworksy July Schedule Is Aglow

"Mad Max: Fury Road," "Bring It On," and other alfresco favorites are coming up.

What to Know

  • Select July nights, staring with "Mad Max: Fury Road" on July 3
  • Hollywood Forever cemetery
  • $12-$20


Like a frankfurter in the middle of a bun or a floatie in the center of a swimming pool, the seventh month on the calendar is nicely ensconced near the heart of the summer season.

It's still in the warm-not-hot range, generally, and it hasn't yet entered the dog days, meaning outdoor events are still quite the sublime time. Read: not sweaty.

Throw in a sparkly sky show, on Independence Day Eve, and you've got a winner of an event. And many a movie maven would define Cinespia as just that winner, a summer-sweet cinema series very much tied to, in location and spirit, Hollywood Forever cemetery.

But what will be on the screen during that storied seventh month, the summeriest of all stretches?

The July 2019 Cinespia schedule was just released at the close of May, and its first two films will close with pyrotechnic extravaganzas.

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Rev your engine for "Mad Max: Fury Road" on July 3, a rare Wednesday night for the outdoor film series. And "E.T.: The Extraterrestrial" phones home on July 4, and, as sure as Reese's Pieces are tasty, there shall be fireworks to follow the fun.

There are more classics to come as July rolls out like a fresh square of sod. "Bring It On" cheers on July 6, "The Exorcist" scares on July 13, "Dumb and Dumber" goes there on July 20, and "Twilight" bares its teeth on July 27.

Presenting all of this film amaze-a-tude? That would be Amazon Studios.

The place to buy your $12-$20 ticket? That would be right here.

Finding your picnic blanket, your favorite bag o' snacks, and your best movie-watching buddies?

That's up you, but dally not, for summer's most quintessential month is but a month away.

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