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Cinespia's July Line-up Has Sparkle and Pop

Three fireworks shows are on the roster. And "The Birds" will land near the end of the month, too.

Kelly Lee Barrett/Cinespia
  • The outdoor movie series is celebrating its 21st anniversary in 2022
  • Hollywood Forever Cemetery
  • "The Fast and the Furious" July 2 screening will conclude with fireworks; fireworks will also follow "Purple Rain" on July 3 and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" on July 4

Is July truly the most peaky part of peak summer or does August deserve that piquant and pretty crown?

Summer lovers might argue about the two side-by-side, super-sunny, usually scorchy months, and delve into their attributes, but as the first full month of the season, July's character seems more summery than the dog days to come.

Also? August is like pre-fall, or autumn eve, in many ways. It's one of the eighth month's charms, that back-to-school sales and Halloween stores begin to pop up.

That said, we remain fully besotted with July's jubilant joys. Some of July's amazing offerings include Independence Day, National Fried Chicken Day, cold treats, colder swimming pools, the utter ripeness of tomatoes, and the fact that Cinespia's schedule reaches full flower.

And by "full flower" we mean this: Not only are the July 2022 flicks very vivacious, but the outdoor movie series will also feature fireworks over all three nights of Fourth of July Weekend, which commences on Saturday, July 2.

First up, on that Saturday? It's "The Fast and the Furious," with "Purple Rain" adding Princely panache to July 3 and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" twisting/shouting on July 4.

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If you can't make any the pyrotechnics parties, there are other solid cinematic treats to come, including "Almost Famous" on July 9, "Showgirls" on July 16, "Pretty in Pink" on July 22, and "Jackie Brown" on July 23.

And alighting on our minds, hearts, and horror-loving psyches on July 30? It's "The Birds" from director Alfred Hitchcock.

Tickets range from $20 to $45, parking is additional, and arriving with a picnic is allowed.


A colorful photo area, themed to the evening's film, will be a snazzy centerpiece, so best rock your favorite Ferris-y vest or a Tippy Hedren-style suit, if you want those snaps to look extra-sharp.

So regarding the July vs. August debate?

We'd never pit two neighborly months or seek to stir up calendar-based drama.

But let's be honest: July is the first out the door, each and every year, and to that fiery fact we do tip our sun visor and raise a glass of something cool and refreshing.

So let's celebrate #7 on our calendar at an outdoor, easy-breezy bash. Cinespia is one of our city's most celebrated alfresco festivities, and those early-in-July fireworks only add to the general genial air of summer's first full month.

Cinespia is presented by Amazon Studios, Prime Video, and Freevee.

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