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Cinespia's September Line-up Boasts Mirth, Monsters, and Magic

Who ya gonna call? All your film-loving friends, to see if they want to see "Ghostbusters," and other gems, at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.


What to Know

  • Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
  • Five outdoor films are on the September 2022 line-up; DJs, themed photo areas, and beverages for sale are hallmarks of the series
  • $22 admission; $30 parking at Hollywood Forever; $20 off-site parking

Every month has its admirable qualities, without a doubt, but when September arrives?

We want everything we do to have a tangy tinge of moody Septemberness, a caramel-covered, apple-tart, sorta-spooky glow that says summer is nearly gone and autumn is nearly here and a veil of mellow joy is settling over the land.

And we especially demand this mood from the movies we seek out, especially those films that are screened in an outdoor setting (where we can feel fall's presence with the falling of night).

Cinespia gets us, as they so often have over the last 21 years, and the film-loving collective's just-unveiled schedule shows how deeply they've mind-melded with the public on shared September-based vibes.

And to add texture to our ninth month? There shall be merry-mirthful and/or mood-deep movies, five in all, which were just revealed on Aug. 2.

They're all unspooling at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, showing with a picnic is permitted, and DJ music?

The tunes shall flow all to add to the atmosphere, along with a colorful photo area themed to the evening's flick (so don't forget that proton pack and/or enchanted wand).

Well, those were two major hints, but you probably guessed both "Ghostbusters" and a Harry Potter film would be on the September schedule.

But before phantoms and wizards take the cinematic spotlight, "Grease" is the word on Sept. 3, a timely selection as the school year begins.

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" follows on Sept. 4, "Goodfellas" stirs the sauce on Sept. 10, and "Ghostbusters" faces down Slimer, and all of his spectral BFFs, on Sept. 17.

And if you're longing for a mood-laden love story to round out the month? "A Star Is Born" takes the stage, or the screen, rather, on Sept. 24.

A ticket is $22 and there are parking options available (so check the site when you purchase your admission).

Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery is presented by Amazon Studios.

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