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Citrus Fruits Are the Sweet Stars at This Pick-Your-Own Farm

It's the tangerine-iest time of year at Underwood Family Farms.

Matthieu Tuffet

What to Know

  • Underwood Family Farms in Somis
  • Both the Underwood locations feature pick-your-own vegetables and fruits throughout the calendar; there are farms located in Moorpark and Somis
  • January and February are peak citrus months around Southern California

The strawberry is a showy star of the Southern Californian springtime, and apple orchards are the icons of October, but come January and February?

It's all about bright-of-flavor citrus fruits, those roundish, palm-sized wonders that boast fragrant peels, tart tastes, and all of those snackable sections.

But you don't need to consult the calendar on your phone or the one hanging in the kitchen to know this; a quick toodle down any tree-filled Los Angeles street tells the tangy tale.

Where, though, can you go to load up on a bag of luscious tangerines, all while soaking in a sunshine-filled afternoon, which is something of a rarity this winter?

Look to Underwood Family Farms in Somis, which is where Satsumas are in a full and splendid burst as the first month enters its last chapter.

Underwood has become known as a pick-your-own favorite for families seeking some outdoor fun, both at the Moorpark and Somis locations.

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But here's a twist that is sure to tempt: There's no entry fee at the Somis farm.

You'll just need to pay $1.69 per pound for the Satsumas you pick. And if you plan on juicing these beauties, or creating colorful cakes or cookies, or employing them as a zingy addition to a savory dish, you'll want to head home with a bag or two, we imagine.

As far as keeping a close watch on the pick-your-own calendars at both Somis and Moorpark? Start here, where the wonders of the field, from leafy greens to pretty pumpkins, appear throughout the year.

There's more Underwood-inspired fun to come: The Springtime Easter Festival begins at the Moorpark farm on March 18.

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