Classic Camping Food Is Now Ice Cream at Salt & Straw

4 photos
Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes & Eggs featuring custard-y pancake batter ice cream filled with griddled blueberry coffee cake “pancake” bites, Vermont maple syrup swirls, and brown sugar bacon bits
Cast-Iron Cornbread with Huckleberry Jam with wild huckleberries picked from the Pacific Northwest alpine shrubs combined with skillet grilled cornbread and swirled amongst salted vanilla coconut ice cream
Salted Hazelnut Praline S’mores, a decadent spin on the camping classic featuring homemade vanilla bean-laden marshmallows, chocolate pudding ganache, and pralined graham cracker crunch
The company is hoping to inspire memories of "the best summer experiences from the comfort of home" in 2020, a year when many people are sticking closer to their own digs. Find the imaginative flavors, beginning on Aug. 14, at your local scoop shop or online.
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