Classic Films That Really Tie the Room Together

"The Big Lebowski," "Die Hard," and "The Philadelphia Story" are on the 2018 Turner Classic Movies big-screen line-up.

What to Know

  • At select theaters around SoCal
  • A different movie will play a couple of days each month
  • "The Producers," "Big," and "Grease" also made the list.

Deciding what movies you want to see over the holidays?

It's a pursuit that can fill a cineaste's hours near the start of December, each and every year.

Deciding what movies you need to see ahead of the Oscars?

Likewise, the beginning of February can get mighty crammed as you pore over calendar listings and reviews and theater schedules.

But movie lovers may find that they're busy plotting and planning at the start of every month to come, over the next dozen months, thanks to the pair-up of Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies.

If you know this partnership, you know that the two movie-mad companies have brought a caboodle of beloved classics back to big screens around Southern California and beyond over the last few years via TCM Big Screen Classics.

"Singin' in the Rain" and "The Graduate" were just two of the recent treats that fans got to see played large.  And the 2018 line-up has just been announced, giving popcornists plenty of time to decide what they'd like to enjoy during the next calendar year.

The theaters haven't been revealed at this time, but there'll be more than a few in the area, though you can count on the movie you want to see playing for two days during the month, and probably on a Sunday and Wednesday.

"The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" opens the series in January 2018, while "White Christmas" is the final flick on the 2018 line-up. "Grease," "The Big Lebowski," and "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" are all ready for their return to the silver screen (after years of small-screen airings).

Will each work be presented in its original aspect ratio? Oh, you bet. Like the Dude's rug, and its room-tying abilities, the correct aspect ratio can really tie a movie together.

And will TCM hosts give on-screen thoughts just before the film begins and just after? 

It's now tradition with this series, making it something a little special, and giving audiences some deeper knowledge of what they're about to watch for the first, fifth, or hundredth time.

For all of your TCM Big Screen Classics needs, tie your 2018 movie-watching schedule together here.

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