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Classic Universal Monsters to Haunt Halloween Horror Nights

It's a first-time team-up for Dracula, the Mummy, and the Wolf Man, at least at the popular fall fright festival.

Zoonar RF/Universal Studios Hollywood

Honestly, in our frightful fantasies, we could probably put on a semi-brave face when confronted with a single Universal Monster, even if our knees were knocking and our heart had instantly dropped to our tummy.

But squaring off against a trio of these cinematic scaries feels especially intense, especially when the ghouls in question are making their debut theme park appearance as a terrifying triumvirate.

That's what will happen, hauntingly, at Universal Studios Hollywood when Halloween Horror Nights stomps back into the world-famous destination on Thursday, Sept. 8.

The fall fright-tacular, which is known for its tech-tastic mazes, high-energy stage shows, themed treats, and fearsome backlot forays, has featured the iconic Universal Monsters in the past, those characters that rose to cinematic prominence in the 1930s in a number of now-timeless films from Universal Pictures.

But while these famous fright figures have previously appeared in Halloween Horror Nights experiences, the three terrifiers set to turn up in 2022 will provide fans a fresh spin on these classic favorites.

And the upcoming, clutch-your-bestie-close line-up? Bestill our fluttering feelings: Dracula, the Mummy, and the Wolf Man will headline an all-new experience called "Legends Collide."

These lurking legends will all be seeking the Amulet of Ra, a treasure with powers untold. Will guests find themselves in the monstrous middle of the dastardly drama? Chances are as good as a full moon is bright.

Adding to the atmosphere of the haunted house will be an original soundtrack by SLASH, a feature sure to delight longtime fans of the autumn event. The acclaimed musician has created aural journeys for past Halloween Horror Nights adventures, and each has added further flavor, and a rocking vibe, to various stories.

The multi-night event will take place over several select evenings, starting on Sept. 8, with a wicked wrap-up on Halloween night.

Eager to secure your chilling chance to plunge into this realm of monster-y mayhem?

Don't howl, moan, or chuckle like a devious baddie might: Tickets will be on sale soon for the Universal Studios Hollywood tradition, one of the largest and most venerable of the region's Halloween season happenings.

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