‘Clear the Nursery’ at Best Friends LA

Foster homes are needed for a sudden bounty of wee felines. Can you help?

Best Friends LA

What to Know

  • Saturday, May 25
  • 1 to 3 p.m.
  • "All supplies and training provided" at the foster orientation event

So you have a friend who served as a foster to a feline before, or you met a foster at an adoption event, or you've seen programs profiling the cat-cuddly foster lifestyle.

And yet?

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The plunge has not been taken on your part. You'd like to provide shelter and sweetness for a kitten, but you also know that some training is in order, and some essential support, too, from animal pros in the know.

Here's where you can take that long-awaited plunge, a plunge that's as easy as a cat lapping up milk: Best Friends LA on Saturday afternoon, May 25. 

The animal rescue organization has seen such a sudden influx of kittens — the intake is "10% higher v. 2018" — that fosters are needed in a hurry. Hence the event's call-to-action name: Clear the Nursery.

A two-hour prep session at the Best Friends Lifesaving Kitten Nursery in Mission Hills, which will include a helpful orientation video, will last from 1 to 3 o'clock.

And, oh sweet joy, kittens will go home with you that day.

How "smol" will these sweet babies be, in the parlance of the animal-obsessed internet? Very smol, indeed: The home-needing felines are between the ages of 1 and 7 weeks.

Yes, weeks.

Fosters will care for these cuties "... until they are ready to be fixed and put up for adoption."

In addition to training, new fosters will head home with all of the supplies they need. 

Phew to that.

Best Friends LA generally "... takes in 3,000 kittens from LA Animal Services each year," according to the organization, but that number is up in 2019. Which makes this call for fosters an urgent one, for sure.

So your friend has done it, you've seen foster-positive shows, and you've heard the moving podcasts.

Perhaps this is your moment to become a foster to a kitten, all while acquiring the loving support you'll need, and the training and necessary items, too.

Meow's the time.

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