Cocoa-Cool Chocolate Salon Sweetens SoCal

The Pasadena-based bash is all about the tasting, the demos, and the super-choice chocs.

What to Know

  • Sunday, Sept. 29
  • Pasadena Convention Center
  • $20 advance/$25 door

Are some of us, in the coming weeks, going to plunk down upon the nearest couch while clutching a jumbo bag of miniature candy bars?

Yes. That's extremely likely. Putting this in the "definitely probably" column.

And will several of those bars be consumed in a row? Fact. For sure. Also bound to happen.

And will the chocolate lover in question likely crave even more cocoa joy? That's often the way it goes.

But there's another way to experience the magic that is chocolate bliss, and it involves showing up at the Pasadena Convention Center on Sunday, Sept. 29.

That's the where, and the when, for the LA Chocolate Salon, which doesn't involve giganto bags of store-bought miniature candy bars but does spotlight small but flavor-packed samples of hand-crafted candies.

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So, no: It's not likely you'll be popping full-size candy after full-size candy in your mouth, but you will be able to nibble at nice assortment of extremely elegant, well-made confections, all in smaller sample size.

And some of the pros of the confection-crafting world will be there, with their chocolates and their chocolate-cool knowledge, including Michael's Chocolates, Amano Artisan Chocolate, and Cocoa Noir Artisan Chocolate Cafe.

The schedule includes book signings, background into becoming a chocolate maker, and the chance to hear some wisdom from the smarties behind the sweets.

Look, truth time: You may soon find yourself on the couch, with a jumbo bag of miniature chocolate bars, and, if so, chomp on.

But for a different take on treats, one that involves wee nibbles of incredibly bespoke candies as well as the chance to chat up the makers, make for Pasadena for this annual choc-it-up.

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