Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Winter Update: Toasty Treats

The company added the ovens to its California and Arizona shops, so breakfast sandwiches and other goodies can be warmed on the spot.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

What to Know

  • The ovens, which are available in the company's California and Arizona shops, debuted on Jan. 5, 2022
  • The toast-it-there treats include new menu items like the Beyond Breakfast Sausage Sandwich
  • A Chorizo Breakfast Burrito is also making its debut

There are a number of comfy-sounding words that can border on cute, or at least calming, twee terms that we like to truck out during the coldest days of the year.

And, without quibble, argument, or raised eyebrows, "toasty" is high among them.

We like our sweaters to make us feel a little toasty, we prefer our tootsies to be toasty when they touch the floor in the morning (courtesy of some thick socks), and when it comes to a breakfast indulgence, treat, or snack?

Yeah: We're going to have to lean hard into "toasty" on that one, too.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has heard the toasty-based longings of its customers, and answered the call for more wintertime toastiness with the installation of new ovens in its California and Arizona stores.

That means guests can enjoy what the company is calling an "elevated breakfast experience" along with their morning latte or Earl Grey.

The ready-to-toast items include a Beyond Breakfast Sausage Sandwich, a Bacon, Egg & Cheese English Muffin, and a Chorizo Breakfast Burrito.

And because this is Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, where beverages are a main and flavorful focus, there are two new sips to try, too, as the year begins.

Look to the Lightened Vanilla Latte and Iced Vanilla Latte, both "(c)ustomized to be a touch less sweet." Both drinks boast "... freshly pulled shots of espresso with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's French Deluxe™ Vanilla powder and nonfat steamed milk."

"We are excited for our guests to enjoy the new toasted breakfast menu items at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf," said Paul Diver, Vice President of Marketing, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brand.

"This new elevated taste delivered at breakfast will cater to our guest's discerning expectations, and our food items along with our Lightened beverages are the perfect pairing to satiate all the breakfast whims this winter."

Breakfast whims in the winter months often involve a hankering that is on the toastier side of the warmth scale, it's true. Find these new warm-and-munchable offerings at your local shop now.

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