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Cold Treats Go Camping on Salt & Straw's New Menu

Five flavors, all inspired by mountain-merry adventures, are now available at the artisanal scoop shops.

Salt & Straw

What to Know

  • Aug. 13 through Sept. 23, 2021
  • Available at Salt & Straw scoop shops (Venice, Pasadena, Downtown Disney, plus other locations); they're available for delivery and nationwide shipping, too
  • Five flavors inspired by campouts, including Mushroom Muddy Buddies and Bug Juice! Sorbet

Gathering around a cozy campfire, while wearing your favorite flannel shirt and colorful kerchief, means you're probably going to discuss some specific topics.

How your hike went earlier in the day is a popular route of conversation, and what animals, plants, rocks, and natural wonders you saw along the way. Ghost stories? Those, too, might make a spooky cameo at your campfire.

And you'll for sure rhapsodize about food, the bites you like when calling upon the wilderness.

Salt & Straw, the artisanal ice cream company that got its start in wonderfully woodsy Oregon, understands the obsession campers have with campfire cuisine.

To treat those adventurers and their appetites, and all dessert devotees who adore the outdoors, there is a new limited-time menu, one that takes its inspiration from campfire foodstuffs.

The five camp-tastic scoops all cover different corners of camp eats, the sort of vittles you might chow down on by the light of a lantern while ensconced in your sleeping bag.

Mushroom Muddy Buddies draws its zing from the loaminess of the forest, with Chex coated in peanut butter and chocolate, the famous Freddy Guys hazelnuts, and a trio of fungi in the mix.

S'mores makes a cameo on the line-up, as you might expect, but this spin has some unexpected flair: Salted Hazelnut Praline is the theme.

The third flavor on the roll-out?

Listen for the sizzle and pop outside your tent: It's bacon, and maple, too, and even streusel, cooking over the campfire. Call the Maple & Bacon Streusel a breakfast-fun flavor with a savory kick. (Morse Family Maple Farms is the purveyor of the syrup-cool sweetness you're tasting.)

Bug Juice! Sorbet rocks Smith Tea's Hibiscus Mango tea, in addition to a trio of fruit juices (cherry, lime, and grape), while the spirited Cowboy Coffee Grinds & Bourbon boasts "a nip" of Eastside Distilling’s Burnside Bourbon as well as the deep tones of Coava Coffee.

Could you don some flannel, light one of those flameless flicker candles or throw on a DVD that features a campfire on loop, and try all five?

You could, if you want to summon a campfire supper in dessert form. Find the Salt & Straw Camp Menu at your local scoop shop through Sept. 23, which is, fittingly, the first full day of fall (which arrives on Sept. 22).

You can order all five flavors for delivery or even nationwide shipping, too.

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