‘Corgchella' Ready to Romp on the Beach

A mega corgi meet-up is happening at Huntington Beach, oh yes, so let the squeeing commence.

Are there more grains of sands on a beach or people who are absolutely besotted with corgis?

Yep: There's a lot of sand out there, but let us state, factually, that corgis captivate we humans in a way that is remarkable to behold. We squeal over their squatty legs, their round rumps, and their seeming ability to always rock a dog-style smile.

Nope: Corgi captivatees may not be as numerous as grains of sand on a pretty beach, but a pretty beach will be the location of the springtime Corgi Beach Day, a bring-your-corgi-out romp at the edge of the Pacific Oceans.

And goodness, do corgis arrive ready to romp at the event, which is rocking the nickname "Corgchella" for the April 2019 go-around.

And wow, so many of them will be in costumes. And, for sure, humans will be snapping a lot of pictures, whether they happen to be there with a corgi or not.

But a lot of corgi-person pairings do show, hundreds upon hundreds, in fact, and you can expect that to happen again, at Huntington Dog Beach, on Saturday, April 6. 

Attendance is free, corgis are invited and welcome, as are corgi-committed humans, as are "honorary corgis" (non-corgi pups), and the plentiful activities will flower from 10 a.m. to 3 in the afternoon.

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"Vendors, contests, food trucks, and MORE!" are part of the Fido-fun fest.

A fest that has, yes, seen some 1,200 corgis in attendance. And while that is quite the huge number, there are still more grains of sand on the beach.

But are there more sighs to give, still, over the sweetness of this particular breed? Get out to Huntington Dog Beach, with your favorite corgi, on the first Saturday in April, and feel that cuddly 'n cute Corgchella magic.

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