Corgi Nationals to Trot at Santa Anita Park

Arrive at the Arcadia landmark with extra squees and sighs in tow.

What to Know

  • Sunday, May 27
  • Santa Anita Park
  • $40 VIP admission; $5 walk-up entry

A story that writes itself? A picture that's worth a thousand words?

We humans possess a caboodle of shorthand-y ways to sum up the bigger things we encounter in this life, the sort of events and experiences that are so epic, or unusual, or possibly path-changing, that we can only shrug while leaving the listener to infer her own conclusions.

So best infer this: Corgis will run at Santa Anita Park on Sunday, May 27 in the first Corgi Nationals, and if ever there was a picture that's worth a thousand words, or a tail, er, tale that's already told in full, it just might be this one.

For spying the squatty sweeties dashing on the oval that's typically reserved for some of the world's best-known thoroughbreds may actually literally melt your heart. (Okay, not literally, and nor will your heart literally be tugged, but count on your happy emotions being sky-high at the sight.)

Speaking of sky-high experiences, the corgi's profile has risen fast in recent years, even as the pups themselves remain lovably low to the ground.

Thank online viral videos, and the rise-and-rise of events like So Cal Corgi Beach Day, for the canine's can't-be-kibbled-with celebrity.

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Er, that's can't-be-quibbled-with celebrity, of course. Not kibble.

That the online general admission tickets are now sold out is as unsurprising as a corgi's back side is wiggly. But take tuggable heart: There are VIP admissions still left, at $40 a pop, and there's a corgi-themed tee involved, too.

Also, walk-up admissions for five bucks are still listed on the site, so hurrah.

Carnival rides, places to buy noshables, and "corgi-centric vendors" are part of the sweet scene, a scene brought to us by Memory Plush. So Cal Corgi Nation is part of the fun, too, natch.

And check it out: All the racing spots filled up in a matter of minutes, so you know these pooches are ready to show their short-leg'd stuff out on the famous track. Or, as the site calls them, "speed demons," so let there be no doubt that these lil' cuties'll be there to go for the glory.

Dogly details and Fido facts on all of the May 27 merriment are arfing over here.

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