Corgi-Obsessed Painters, Your Dream Event Is Here

Yep, your own Corgi is invited to the Corgi Paint & Pint, oh squee.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Nov. 30
  • $45 (all art supplies, plus a craft beer, a water, and pretzels, too)
  • Tickets go on sale Nov. 7 at 10 a.m.

An artist can sometimes find herself in fruitless search for a tempting subject matter, especially when paints and brushes and a blank canvas are within reach.

And while bowls of fruit are fabulous, and cityscapes sophisticated, few things on this planet, and perhaps any other, is as inspirational, sensational, and oh-so-cute-ational as a Corgi.

Consider how a Corgi stretches out, languidly. How winningly a Corgi romps. The sweet snoozing state of a Corgi at rest.

This ground-adjacent pup is, in fact, an excellent topic for painting, which is good, since several people will gather to put Corgis to canvas, and quaff craft brews, on the final day of November 2019.

If it feels a bit magical, well, you're right: Corgi Paint & Pint, the Holiday Edition, is all about helping Corgi-ists find their core artist. 

This light-hearted happening is put on by the same people behind the huge Corgi beach day at Huntington Beach. So, for sure: You'll meet plenty of fellow Corgi lovers, and some Corgis, too, since they're invited.

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Have you ever been to an art-making party where Corgis are specifically called out in the invite?

There aren't enough "awwws" in the world to fully elucidate our feelings here.

Your $45 ticket will cover your canvas and paints and brushes, as well as nibbles (think pretzels) and hydration (think a bottle of water) and suds (yep, the brews are from Anaheim Brewery, which is where the Nov. 30 event will take place).

Tickets go on sale Nov. 7, and you'll have two times to choose from: 1 to 3 p.m. and 3 to 5 o'clock.

You can either choose to paint a canvas (it's 11 by 14 inches) or a tote bag. And, hello, you can leave with your creation, which means it is yours forever, to hang over your Corgi's bed.

Or you can gift it to your mom, at Christmas, because we're fairly sure she'll absolutely rave about it.

Again, your Corgi is invited. Repeat, your pup may attend. But pounce on that ticket faster than a Corgi jumps on a peanut butter-stuffed bone, because both sessions are expected to sell out.

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