Virtual Cooking Classes

Corn and Tomatoes Star in This Free Virtual Cooking Class

The Institute of Culinary Education is focusing on some of August's most iconic flavors.

Elena Zapishnaya

What to Know

  • Tuesday, Aug. 24 at noon to 1:30 p.m. Pacific
  • Participants will learn how to make corn fritters with tomato jam via the free Zoom class
  • The Institute of Culinary Education has campuses in Los Angeles and New York, but has several online classes available anywhere

The foods we crave in the wintertime are easy to list, from thick stews, hearty casseroles, and warm drinks.

And in early summer? Melons, berries, and refreshing sips reign just before barbecue fare makes its savory stand.

But come August, the Power Produce Pair takes the spotlight, a duo that is so bountiful, and flavorful, that finding ways to employ them in just about everything you eat, or at least lots of things, is your meal-centered mission.

Do you choose to accept it? Yes? Well, fab, for the Institute of Culinary Education will offer a free-to-join online class to enthusiasts of tomatoes and corn.

You might have seen both the kernel-cool plant or juicy 'n seedy fruit in loads of dishes over the last few weeks, but the cooking school plans to put them together in one fritter-fantastic dish.

Corn fritters, in fact, are what you'll be making during the Zoom class on Aug. 24, but the tangy topper is a tomato jam.

And on the side? More of both blissful bites, plus the alligator pear, too: You'll be composing a corn, tomato, and avocado salad, which really should be the Official Salad of Late Summer.

Again, it's all free to join, but having what you need, food-wise, to make it happen is important, and any kitchen tools or implements, too, so you can follow along from home.

Oh yes, and you'll want to sign up, too.

The flavors of fall are just around the cuisine-ly corner, so get your fill of these two August-awesome favorites now, with some top culinary pros at the lead from afar.

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