Cosmically Cool: JPL’s New Travel Posters

Travel to Europa, Titan, and beyond via these stylish and downloadable artworks.


Oh, JPL. You have our hearts, attention, and admiration in so many ways, from the informative open houses you regularly hold, to your cameos in films like "The Martian," to those blue polo shirts and khakis, the ones you all wear while watching a rover alight upon Mars (let's call your rockin' style "Control Room Chic").

We love it all, but mostly we're mad for your big minds, the ones turned on to further space knowledge and sharing that wonder with the public.

Wonder that recently arrived in the form of a new set of travel posters from the "Visions of the Future" line. For sure, we know you're busy with the Curiosity rover and a million other projects out there in Pasadena, but these retro, highly stylized artworks that promise adventure on distant planets and moons are frankly awesome. They hold as much awesomeness, in fact, as Mars holds soil. (Which is, like, a whole bunch.)

The five travel posters you released in 2015 were well received, and now there's a new slew of bright-hued imagery, the kind of stuff you might find on the walls of a travel agent's office.

The sort of travel agent who'd book you an adventurous trip to Ceres, the dwarf planet, or Kepler 16-b, of course.

All of the posters are downloadable, and can be found on the Jet Propulsion Labratory site.

How to choose, though, as to what you might want for your own wall or computer screen? Jupiter's brochure-like poster is filled with Jules Verne-y hot air balloons while HD 40307g, the "Super Earth," promises a buoyant trip with no gravity required.

JPL commissioned the posters to stoke science-flavored wonder and put a face on faraway planets (done and done). Want to check out one of the design shops behind some of these handsome creations? Invisible Creatures had a hand in the eye-popping, planet-pretty line.

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