Marina del Rey

Costumed Paddlers Will Haunt Local Waves, Just Be Claws

Don something spooky and make for the Marina Monster Paddle Parade, an on-the-water whimsy at Marina del Rey's Mother's Beach.

Marina Monster Paddle

What to Know

  • Wednesday, Oct. 27 at 6 p.m. at Mother's Beach in Marina del Rey
  • "Some experience required"
  • The Pro SUP shop event is $40 per person, a stand-up paddleboard and paddle are included, as well as a lesson; wearable lights and a look around the marina are also part of the package.

Wonderful witch paddles? Those shore-close, harbor-haunting events that pop up around different Golden State destinations come late October?

There've been more than a few of these fanciful, on-the-ocean events in recent years.

The basics of these whimsical bashes simply involve donning your witch clothes, grabbing your stand-up paddleboard (or renting one), and heading to an area where magical beings are gathering, such as Ventura Harbor or Morro Bay.

But wait: There are other Halloween-inspired paddle events, including the one that is taking to the pretty Pacific waves found around Marina del Rey on Wednesday, Oct. 27.

It's the Marina Monster Paddle Parade, and it is all about monsters, or rather adventurous, ocean-loving humans finding their inner vampire, ghost, or such, and enjoying a bit of evening splendor of the splashiest kind.

The Pro SUP Shop is behind this seasonal merriment, and a ticket?

It's $40, which nets you a number of necessities, including the rental of a paddleboard and paddle, some instruction, and a tour of the marina, which will be in full water-glittery gear at the event's 6 p.m. start time.

("Water-glittery gear," of course, is when the lights from nearby buildings give Marina del Rey that one-of-a-kind shimmer and glow.)

"Some experience required," advises the Pro SUP Shop, so keep that in mind, and do arrive early. For all of the must-knows before you go, and to book a spot, visit the shop's site now.

Some folks come in frightful garb, others go a bit low-key, but know that you'll spy a few spooky get-ups at the Halloween Eve Eve Eve Eve happening.

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