Count Down to Halloween With Kidspace Children's Museum

A haunt-happy host of at-home activities are popping up each day through the end of the month on the Pasadena museum's site.

Kidspace Children's Museum

What to Know

  • Daily virtual fun through Oct. 31, 2020
  • Free to see; materials for crafts are extra
  • Autumn- and Halloween-themed videos and activities created for kids

If the Halloween superfan in your household has been drawing a tiny pumpkin on the kitchen calendar each day, all to signify that the day is done and Oct. 31 is drawing ever nearer, then you've got a countdowner in the family.

And that's pretty fun, for living with a countdowner means the level of anticipation for fun things to come usually remains pretty high. For your countdowning kid only grows more excited, and more stoked, as the celebratory occasion draws nearer.

But if you're looking beyond the kitchen calendar for another way to mark the passing of time as we inch up on Halloween, especially in a year when so many of the holiday's usual traditions have been cancelled, take heart: Kidspace Children's Museum has a day-by-day countdown filled with projects, activities, and videos, too.

No tricks here, only treats as the Pasadena museum's "The Thirteen Days of Halloween" connects kids, through lively participatory pursuits, with the sweet spirit of All Hallows Eve.

Each day your curious youngster can unlock a new part of the haunted house on the site.

Once inside the day's designated "window," they'll discover crafts and get-moving ideas aplenty, from family relay races to the science behind decomposition.

It's all free to explore, though you'll need to have some materials on hand.

And if your child misses a day?

No worries: They can simply travel back to the day they didn't catch and enjoy all of the cool content.

A calendar that counts down to Halloween, but with a science-fun outlook and ways to maximize family time? That's way niftier than finding a piece of candy you forgot about in the bottom of your trick-or-treat bucket.

Go on a not-so-eerie adventure now with one of Southern California's best family institutions at the Halloween-smart helm.

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