Country ‘N Critters Rule LA Zoo's ‘Roaring Nights'

Listen to twang-cool tunes, nosh at food trucks at the animal-amazing hoedown.

What to Know

  • Friday, Aug. 17
  • $21
  • 6 to 10:30 p.m.

Animals? They may not have twang, as a rule, but several have hang (like those critters that happily swing from branches) and fang (if their teeth are especially pointy) while others boast sang (well, at least they're known for their songs and warbles).

Twang, though, will arrive at one of Southern California's best-known animal parks on the evening of Friday, Aug. 17 when Roaring Nights comes roaring back into the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

Roaring Nights is the 21-and-over summer series that's all about live music, DJ tunes, food trucks, keeper talks, and sightings of scaly, small, 'n sweet beasties.

Indeed, many of the animals will be asnooze, or soon asnooze, so this isn't an opportunity to stroll the zoo grounds like you might in the daytime. Rather, the sunset-timed to-do is all about seeing keeper talks and in-the-spotlight animals up-close, and learning a lot, too.

The next Roaring Nights, the third of four in the 2018 series, rolls with the aforementioned twang on Aug. 17. Highway Starr brings that country sound, live, while, later on in the event, DJ Johnny Hawkes'll spin songs from all sorts of genres.

A ticket is $21, but, yeah, definitely show with dining cash, and money for a drink, too, if that's your pleasure.

If life is just too life-y at the moment, as in, you've got oodles going on, take heart, animal aficionados of greater SoCal: There's one more Roaring Nights to go, on Sept. 14, the second to last Friday of summer.

That's right: Summer's slipping away, so enjoy your outdoor evenings, tunes, twang, and teeny critter cameos pronto.

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