Creamy Dream: The All Mac ‘N Cheese Restaurant

The dream eatery of approximately 85 percent of the population has come to fruition.

There are particular foods that, once made and composed, we home chefs leave as is, with barely a dressing of salt to finish the dish.

But mac 'n cheese? It's probably the ultimate add-on edible, if only because that nearly supernatural combination of creamy dairy and curly pasta accepts all applicants, savory, nutty, or both, without question.

Even more cheese, atop an entree laden with cheese, is not uncommon, with a sprinkling of extra cheese on top of that.

Which all translates into this: If ever there was a single supper meant to rule the menu of an entire restaurant, it's the elbows-meets-cheddar wonder.

mac-o-licious, an around-the-town truck that began to roll earlier this year, has now been brick-and-mortared in Valley Village. Kelly Chapman is the gourmet-minded visionary behind the creamy concept, and her signature Southern Mac is at the top of the rich roster.

Other macs to try? Maine Mac, which, you betcha, has lobster in the mix, Just Baking Bacon, a version featuring the breakfast's salty superstar, and Crab and Bacon Fried Mac Pops, because consuming macaroni and cheese in all of its festive forms is something a diner must not deny, when the call is sounded.

A Garden take on the treat, and a gluten-free option, are among the other choices on the mac-packed menu.

But how do you do the stuff at home? Do you add ketchup? Do you add croutons? Is there a milky component, or a dash of hot sauce? And are you a mac 'n cheeser, complete with the apostrophe'd 'n, or do you go ampersand or "and"?

Oh, m & c -- the sky, or the condiment cabinet, is truly the limit with you.

We sense in Ms. Chapman's kitchen that limits are pretty boundless when it comes to dressing up and paying homage to that ultimate add-to-it comfort food.

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