Creepy Queen Mary: Dark Harbor Debuts

The fabled ocean-liner invites a few phantoms aboard.

The Queen Mary's haunted stories pop up a whole bunch, in a whole bunch of places -- cable channels, bookstores, local guides -- and words like "hull" and "long hallway" and "swimming pool" are often mentioned as murky, ghosty spots.

But the Long Beach landmark is so thick with eerie ambiance, especially by night, that you don't have to be in the hull the experience the ethereal. And the ocean-liner cranks up the eerie knob, come October, with its seasonal maze-stravaganza, Dark Harbor.

The Halloween treat is now lurking about the LBC, on select nights, through Sunday, Nov. 2.

There's a scary storyline, too, that ties into the ship's history: Graceful Gale, a passenger from the 1930s, is the star, and where she went -- if she left the ship at all -- is one of the screamy themes of the attraction. Is that Gale, shimmying across the Queen Mary's dance floor? Be careful which way you look.

Other areas abound around the ocean-liner, including the new B340 maze, which follows a 1940s passenger on the ship.

And the Exclusive Encounters "will take a very limited number of thrill seekers on a terrifying top secret paranormal journey through the depths of the ship," a night-frightening nook "that has never been open to Dark Harbor guests before."

May we pause to "eek" here? Gently and properly, as befits the Queen Mary's swanky days sailing the seas of the world?

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Dark Harbor tickets, tie-in hotel packages, and all of those ghost tours that happen outside of October may be found this way, prospective passengers, if you follow us down this dark, long, shadowy, can't-see-a-foot-in-front-of-you hallway.

C'mon. Right this way...

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