Crispy Potato Bun Burgers Debut at Wolf

Prefer your French-fry-esque flavors to surround your burger patty? You're in luck.

Are the French fries on your plate, the golden tater-y strings that go with practically every condiment and complement every burger, just too darn far from the main part of your meal?

Perhaps you've found yourself reaching over your burger, again and again, for another fry, only to find yourself secretly wishing that some very smart chef would just go ahead and combine the two into one holdable, delicious, single symphony of a suppable snack.

Chef Marcel Vigneron has sensed our potato-based pleas, thank goodness. The edibly elegant end result? The Mr. Potato Bun, a patty holder that is fully comprised of Chef Vigneron's popular potatoes, spuds that are known for their toothsome crisp-ability.

That's right, it is a burger encasement made from crispy potatoes, which feels like it might be the best invention since sliced bread (an invention that's overly referenced, yes, but appropriate here, since we are talking buns).

The Mr. Potato Bun burger will debut as an accompaniment to three stylish burgers at Wolf in West Hollywood on Thursday, Aug. 24. Toppings include nacho cheese and jalapeños, muenster cheese and onions, and blue cheese and watercress, respectively.

Each burger's price? Nine bucks.

There's also a new trio of "burger friendly" cocktails from mixologist Kate Grutman to consider as liquid refreshment. Also for your consideration: Order smaller takes on all three burgers, plus a paired cocktail, for $45. 

Find that particular deliciousness at the bar throughout the evening, or order one of the debuting sips on its own.

The new Wolf beverages include a Bloody Maria, the Summer Shandy, and a Decent Salary, which includes London dry gin, Bianco vermouth, Granny Smith apple juice, celery juice, lime juice, and simple syrup.

Potatoes crisping up a burger bun: The spirit of summer, and summer-style eating, still holds fast, even as August is at its end.

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