Cronut Inventor to Open LA Shop

Pastry superstar Dominque Ansel's sizable space'll land at The Grove.

We Southern Californians do serenely live up to our well-entrenched, iron-clad, here-to-stay reputation of live-and-let-live-a-tude.

After all, everyone's on their own path. We've all got to offer our own thing to the universe. And, above all, shyeah, it's no bigs (whatever the issue in question might be).

And yet... Lovers of fantastical food can feel a mite miffed when a sugary, crave-worthy superstar arises in a far-off land. Nobody, of course, is frothing or getting green-eyed — every city should shine in its own way — but news of the New York City-born Cronut, back in 2013, had many SoCal locals wishing some sort of space-folding, distance-portal device was at hand.

That distance-shrinking portal clearly just blinked to "on," for the inventor of the Cronut, Dominque Ansel, is set to open a large-scale bakery and eatery in The Grove.

In the Morels French Steakhouse space, to be specific. Eater LA reveals that the opening date is set for "later this year," so don't plan on swinging by for something flaky and brimming with cream in the near future.

Chef Ansel's fresh venture, which he will personally oversee, won't be comprised of row after row of Cronuts in a case. Expect to see meal-type, heartier fare, too, the better to stoke your sugar tooth for that bakery counter visit after you've dined.

Further, the sweets will be plentiful and of many different varieties.

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If you're grasping at what exactly a Cronut is, it is typically described as a doughnut comprised of croissant-like, melt-in-the-mouth layers. 

If you're wondering if the next hot culinary trend courtesy of Chef Ansel will begin at The Grove, well, keep your peepers trained on those bakery cases, and your treat-loving taste buds at the ready. 

Above all, stay serene, as we SoCalers do, even as we await the arrival of the Cronut inventor and his brand-new West Coast outpost.

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