Cruise by the Queen Mary's Christmas Shows

The songful spectacular is a cheery holiday throwback, complete with comedy, carols, cruise ship-style antics, and dinner, too.

Queen Mary

What to Know

  • Long Beach
  • Dec. 21-24, 2019
  • $89 per person

Was this the year that you and the family finally decided to take that cruise you'd been discussing for, well, ever?

Spending the season on the seas is a tradition for many people, though most of us find ourselves landlubbed as the holidays draw near.

There's so much wrapping, and school-play-ing, and relative-visiting to be done, and heading out onto the waves for a whimsical jaunt isn't always in the Christmassy cards.

What can be in the cards, though? Finding a celebratory, on-the-stage spectacular that happens to be A) on a famous ocean-liner but B) an ocean-liner that isn't leaving the land it sits snugly alongside.

It's the Queen Mary we speak of, and its annual Holiday Dinner Show, which is opening for a multi-night run as we enter the final stretch to Christmas.

The "song and dance review" is billed as being the kind of experience you'd find on a cruise ship, and that it will take place in one of the funnel-topped landmark's historic salons only ups that cruise-tastic feel.

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There's a three-course meal to enjoy while you watch the festive follies, and guests should expect to hear a host of classic tunes from the gussied-up performers.

Plus? The Queen Mary happens to be at peak decked-out-a-tude, so you'll be able to snag some tree-close snapshots and other pictures of the ship in her holiday finery.

Tickets and such? Sound the horn: You can find them here, as well as other details about this lively and lovely Long Beach tradition.

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