Crust Us, This Cider Roasted Apple Pie Is for Cheese Lovers

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Like cheese with your apple pie? Meet the Cider Roasted Apple Pie, which features double cheddar cheese baked into the crust. The price is $39.
The Pumpkin Cakewich is gluten free and includes "... maple cinnamon buttercream, chocolate pieces & cinnamon white chocolate coating." It's the bakery's featured cakewich for October. And the price? It's $4.75.
Do you dig morning breakfast tarts filled with gooey filling? Are you also a cider aficionado? Meet the Apple Pop Pie, priced at $4.75. Pumpkin people there's a filling for you, too, as well as a Brown Sugar pie.
Finding a chocolate chip cookie with spiced pumpkin zing? That's also free of gluten? Cake Monkey has it, for $3.50.
The topper festooning this classic gluten-free Pumpkin Loaf? Crunchy and delicious pumpkin seeds. You can buy a slice (in-store only) or mini loaf for $4.75 or go for the whole loaf for $19.75.
If you're still dreaming of that Pumpkin Pop Pie, mentioned earlier, here's a peek at what it looks like. Autumn vibes to spare.
The Spiced Pumpkin Crunch Cake is a "... pumpkin cake with Maple Buttercream, crunchy salted caramel pearls, spiced crumble, and topped with sea salt flakes." Get your slice for $8.50.
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