Culver City

Culver City's free Summer Sunset concerts will give Thursdays some real Friday vibes

Dance over to The Culver Steps for a line-up of lively sounds; rock, reggae, and jazz are on the schedule.

Nutthaseth Vanchaichana

What to Know

  • Summer Sunset Concert Series in Downtown Culver City
  • July 27-Aug. 31, 2023 (Thursdays)
  • 7 to 9 p.m.

Free + August + Thursday (also known as "pre-Friday" in some quarters) + evening + a storied city core, the kind that just naturally twinkles when the sun is setting?

There's no recipe in the world that can compete with these alluring ingredients, even the really incredible concoctions that go heavy on super-tasty things.

But finding all of these components working in concert can be challenging unless you're a pal to one of Southern California's most vibrant municipalities.

For Culver City truly puts the "pal" in municipality, offering all sorts of diversions for locals and visitors, from farmers markets to great theater to, oh happy day, free summer concerts.

Or rather, oh happy "evening," for the Summer Sunset Concert Series takes place each Thursday in August starting at 7 o'clock, that most golden of hours.

But wait: The 2023 party is starting before August even arrives, on July 27, meaning you can find those free + Thursday + evening + Culver vibes even faster.

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Western Standard Time is first up, with Jamaican jazz in vibrant tow, along with ska and reggae.

Several other bands and artists are already booked for the August shows, and the styles will run the glorious get-moving gamut, with rock, Afro-Cuban, blues, and Latin fusion in the music-strong mix.

The Culver Steps are the spot, and there are a few things to keep in mind, like what sort of items you can arrive with. "Small picnic blankets" are welcome, but to brush up on the yeses/nopes, you'll want to review everything on this page.

Summer is fleeting, as we all know, and the final full month of the season stands at the doorstep. Make the most of it by basking in sublime sounds played around sunset, fresh air, and Culver's considerable small-town-big-city charms.

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