Cuties Hold Court at Pasadena Humane's March Madness

The sweetest bracket ever'll feature adoptable pups, cats, and other furry loves.

What to Know

  • Opens March 22
  • Ends when every participant finds a home
  • The winning household scores a $50 gift certificate that can be used toward training or the Shelter Shop

It's not an uncommon occurrence to loyally following a team you dig during the NCAA March Madness Tournament, that group of players you know can dribble to victory, and yet...

And yet. You do maybe sort of like some of the other schools in the Sweet Sixteen.

Sometimes, you're even rooting for a couple of teams who've made it to the Final Four.

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But what about those brackets that inspire you to root for every team? Where you want all of the Sweet-Sixteen-ers to achieve ultimate victory?

Such brackets do exist, and one of the most awww-dorable may be found at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA each March.

That's when staffers put together a Sweet Sixteen showdown of adoptable cats, dogs, and "other critters," with each furry pumpkin taking on the temporary name of a school in the basketball tournament.

The March Madness Adoption Tournament begins at the animal center on Thursday, March 22 and ends "when the last participant is adopted." Adoptions are free, thanks to people pitching in to sponsor an adoption.

If you're the winning pet's family — that's the last animal in the bracket — you'll head home with a $50 gift certificate that can go to training or the center's on-site Shelter Shop.

And, of course, your little basketball of cuddly fur love, too.

If you call upon Pasadena Humane during March Madness, look for the "... giant bracket complete with photos of adoptable pets, MVP (most valuable pet) displays, and the opportunity to snap and share selfies with #PHSMarchMadness at a photo booth for a free giveaway in our Shelter Shop."

There's also an opportunity to help sponsor adoptions during March Madness. Donate $150 and know that the animal's spay or neuter fee will be covered, microchipping, "age-appropriate vaccines," and the adoption fee. 


However your basketball predictions ultimately turn out, during the thrilling, on-the-court spectacular, take heart: There's a bracket in the Crown City that's full of adoptable cuties.

And several lucky Southern Californians will know they've won once they meet the pups, kits, or critters they ultimately welcome home.

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