Dairy We Say It: National Cheese Day Is Almost Here

Justin Queso's is adding chip-dipping gooey-goodness to the holiday with a special smoked brisket queso, a dish that's been smoked for 22 hours.

Justin Queso

What to Know

  • National Cheese Day is Friday, June 4
  • Justin Queso's has a $12 smoked brisket queso on the menu through June 4, while Patxi's Pizza is offering the Cinque Formaggi Melt for $10 on June 4
  • Agnes Restaurant & Cheesery just opened in Pasadena on June 1

Choosing the cheesiest day of the year is not an easy task.

You might look to national food holidays like National Pizza Day, National Cheeseburger Day, or National Fondue Day, the sorts of savory special occasions that incorporate everyone's favorite dairy delight in a very prominent way.

But if you want to really want to go for the Gorgonzola, and connect with the cheerfulness of Cheddar, and celebrate the marvels of Monterey Jack, you're going to want to focus on a day in early June.

June 4, to be deliciously specific, which is, yes, the cheesiest day of all.

How, though, will you spend National Cheese Day, especially if you're the sort of Feta fan or Brie buff that indulges in your favorite slices, hunks, and crumbles on a daily basis?

Here's Gouda news: Some Southern California spots put the focus on the melt-it-up, eat-it-straight superstar when the fourth of June arrives.

Justin Queso's is doing that, all week long, with a pop-up item sure to tempt both mavens of a brisket's meaty pleasures and those who go directly to the queso section of the menu.

It's the 22-hour smoked brisket queso, and the West Hollywood newcomer is offering it through June 4 for $12. But do note: If you're craving just queso, or a different spin on the decadent dish, the restaurant has a number of dippable selections to choose from.

And at Patxi's Pizza? The National Cheese Day spotlight will shine upon the Cinque Formaggi Melt, which will be available for $10.

What's in this particularly luscious melt? Look for a quintet of tempting cheeses, all served on a toasty focaccia (the toothsome stars are Fresh Mozzarella, Aged Feta, Shaved Parmesan, Herb Ricotta, and Fontina).

Oh yes: And a "scratch-made" cup of tomato soup is served on the side. This goodie is available both for dine-in and for enjoying at home, should you choose take-out.

And if you'd like to visit a brand-new cheese shop and show your support? Oh yum: Agnes Restaurant & Cheesery opened on June 1, or as some people might call it National Cheese Day Eve Eve Eve.

The Pasadena purveyor of fine foods has an array of "cut-to-order cheeses," as well as "an array of provisions and takeaway wine."

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