‘Delicious Little Tokyo' Shared Its Weekly Themes

"Fish Week" will begin the month-long celebration, which is going fully virtual in 2020 (though, yes, you can order food from local eateries).

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What to Know

  • June 26-July 26
  • Fish Week, Noodles Week, Green Week, Match Week
  • Live chats, workshops, and more will be streamed on Instagram and Facebook

Constructing our daily cuisine around themes?

We probably do it a bit, without even realizing it. If we're bread buffs, we may always make breakfast a carb-forward meal, with toast or muffins. Veggies may dominate our lunches, and protein sources are what we go for at supper.

It's a fine and foodie way to approach a festival, too, one that that is going to take place within our homes, through our screens, while celebrating brick-and-mortar spots we can order from.

It's Delicious Little Tokyo, a popular, snack-around happening that turns 5 in 2020. The festival is not taking place in the neighborhood celebrated in its name, however, but virtually, with a host of online events anyone can join.

And if you're in the LA area? You're also encouraged to order from a Little Tokyo restaurant, for pick-up or takeout, to truly get into the delicious spirit of the celebration.

The celebration kicks off on June 26, and the weekly themes were just revealed on June 24: Fish Week, Noodles Week, Green Week (think vegetarian/vegan), and Matcha Week.

A line-up of interactive workshops and live chats will fill the schedule, going further and more flavorfully into the topics listed above.

Some highlights?

Join a "Delicious Doodles" Workshop on July 3 or 24 ("Live interactive Illustration workshops with artist Lisa Aihara of Ellette Studio for people of all ages at home to learn to draw cute Japanese food and culture inspired illustrations") or the conversational "Little Tokyo Food Face," which will feature community leaders discussing some of their favorite meals around the area.

All of the tempting to-dos will stream on Instagram and Facebook. Can't wait to dive into Fish Week or know more about Noodles Week? Visit Go Little Tokyo now for more.

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