Delish Deals Will Festoon February's Most Fanciful Day

We're talking 2/2/22, of course, and NORMS is celebrating with a $2.22 breakfast special.


What to Know

  • Feb. 2, 2022 (or 2/2/22, if you prefer)
  • NORMS will have a $2.22 breakfast special on 2/2/22 for two hours and 22 minutes
  • Order the Four Deuces, which includes two eggs, two bacon strips, two hotcakes, and two sausages, at that price from 7 to 9:22 a.m.

We do love the number two, for its pair-perfect, mirror-like symmetry, and the idea of two things together can be too wonderful.

Speaking of which, we also adore the word "too," because it often spotlights an excess of something marvelous, as in those things that are too delicious, too amazing, or too memorable.

But what do you do when twos take over your life, at least for one fanciful, calendar-quirky, sure-to-be-a-meme kind of occasion?

You find yourself a money-saving, appetite-pleasing, sweetly celebratory way to mark the day, something that can only be done during a window that lasts for two hours and 22 minutes (if you're feeling especially tuned into the moment).

Or do we mean "two"-ned in? Stay with us.

NORMS Restaurants, those diner-strong, breakfast-big, booth-beautiful Southern California staples, are two, er, too into our thoughts on this matter, which makes us too, too happy.

And two, er, too, we mean to celebrate 2/2/22? The restaurant chain will be offering a $2.22 special from 7 to 9:22 a.m. on Feb. 2.

Yep, that's the 2:22 window we spoke of before, and to score the limited-time price, you'll need to order your Four Deuces during that time period.

So what does the Four Deuces include? So many pairings, which means the two-themed vibes are staying robust.

Prepare to dig into two eggs, two bacon strips, two hotcakes, and two sausages while devouring the two-rrific meal.

And this is too great: You can enjoy this special while dining in, or get it to-go, if you'd like two, er, to enjoy the Four Deuces at home.

The second day of February 2022 is also when several new menu items pop up on the NORMS menu, including Quesabirria Fries and Braised Beef Chilaquilies.

Peruse the company's hearty new offerings, while you eat your Four Deuces, priced at $2.22, on 2/2/22, for two hours and 22 minutes, starting at 7 in the morning.

NORMS, this is too, too good.

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