Delish Fundraising: Vegan Hot Dogs and a Posh Cocktail

Tony's Darts Away and Mohawk Bend create cool cuisine and sips (and help out).

When food historians look back upon this era, from a few centuries down the road, we fully expect that the hot dog will get an entire chapter in the big food tome of the future, if not its own book.

Why? It's one of those dishes that's transcended its already popular origins, in many creative ways, and vegan versions of the bun-and-meatstuff -- or, rather, bun-and-notmeatstuff -- have been some of the most interesting and worthy of note.

Tony's Darts Away is going the interesting vegan hot dog route this November, all with an eye to donating proceeds to the Beagle Freedom Project. There's a new vegan hot dog on the Burbank hangout's menu each week of the month, and Vegansaurus, The Sexy Vegan, vegan writer Quarry Girl, and Demolicious, the founder of the Derby Girls, are behind the quirky (and flavorful) creations.

If you're more of a cocktailist than a vegan-doggian, and want to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma LA Chapter, then head for Mohawk Bend which is spotlighting a special sip during the autumntime. It's called The Warrior, and a dollar from each drink sold zips its way to the chapter.

In the glass? Ixa Silver Tequila, ginger, grapefruit, pink peppercorn, black peppercorn, and lime.

And beyond that buck that goes to the chapter, you'll be paying homage to someone special connected with the Echo Park eatery: Mohawk Bend's own barkeep Thom created the libation in honor of the memory of a friend who passed away.

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