Descanso Gardens Springs Forward With Later Hours

The magic hour is getting more magical each weekday at the La Cañada Flintridge idyll, all the way through to the end of May.

Descanso Gardens

What to Know

  • La Cañada Flintridge
  • The gardens will now close at 7 p.m. weekdays through May 31
  • The famous March tulip bloom will soon reach its peak

The setting of the sun?

No shockers, surprises, or gotchas are directly ahead: It's a daily thing, the putting-to-bed of our nearest star, whatever month the calendar happens to show.

But sunset, and the magic hour that ethereally settles over it, like a sheer and vibrant veil, seems to attract more energy, attention, and, yes, love when the days grow warmer and evenings grow more illuminated, thanks to the start of Daylight Saving Time.

That anticipated occasion occurred on March 14 in 2021, and the nights are already feeling sunnier.

You caught us: We did mean "sunnier" in a few different senses there.

How, though, to fully embrace the magic hour, this ebullient, spring-sweet moment, and the optimistic outlook ahead?

Communing with towering coastal oaks and intensely chromatic tulips seems like a sublime thing to do in the early days of these brighter nights, and Descanso Gardens wants to help its fans make that happen.

So the La Cañada Flintridge-situated source of so many flowery and leafy wonders has just extended its weekday hours through to 7 o'clock, all so people can soak up the marvelous magic hour, the poetry of twilight, and all of the blossom-y burst-a-tude that is now happening around the 150-acre property.

And will continue to happen as spring matures and summer nears.

The new schedule, in fact, will continue through to May 31, 2021.

Which means you'll have some delightful choices to make: Will you call upon the breathe-easy expanse when May Gray mornings are in full and foggy force?

Or will you wait for the end of the day, all to take in the softness of the setting sun?

Whatever route you choose, you'll want to secure an advance ticket and remember your mask before visiting.

All the other important to-knows about greeting spring at one of SoCal's spring-iest spots?

Ride a spring breeze by the Descanso Gardens site now.

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