DesignerCon: Whimsical Art, Toys, Shopping

The offbeat and expansive event celebrates creativity, humor, and the future of making stuff.

What we expect in life? We often, spoiler alert, get.

You probably expected this post to begin with a sentence (correct). You probably know you'll see words when reading a story on a screen (you're right). And guessing that this post will eventually address an event called DesignerCon, thanks to "DesignerCon" appearing in the headline?


But from here? Let those expectations go, if you so kindly will. For DesignerCon shakes off a lot of our more humdrum, everyday-style expectations, the way a purple-striped tiger shakes off snowflakes. (Did you expect the purple-striped tiger? Yes? You did? Er... high five then?)

The mega toy convention, and art happening, and design-a-terium is all about tomorrow's pop culture trends, or, at the very least, the trends that'll flower fabulously somewhere in the near future.

Sketches filled with fanciful figures? Toys that are clever and displayable and playable and that probably hail from some sort of weird dimension populated only by weird toys?

All to be discovered at the Pasadena Convention Center, thanks to over 400 artists on the premises.

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This means you could buy a offbeat treasure from the person who created it, or a well-stocked, ultra-cool vendor, and when you put your find on the shelf at home every visitor to your place will demand the back story of the odd objet d'art.

Underground artworks, cutting-edge apparel, and other eye-catching goodies beyond the generously roomy realm of toys will also be inside the convention center, which means you'll have plenty to admire and, yes, buy.

Events, too, rule the weekend, so seek out the artist-filled panels and live-painting demos going on throughout the weekend. 

You probably expected the dates of DesignerCon to be revealed by this point, since we already provided the location of the convention. That's not quite the upending of expectations you'll likely enjoy at the Pasadena Convention Center, but we're trying to be just a tad surprising, in the spirit of the moment.

But no more surprises, because knowing the basics is good: DesignerCon brings the mirth, style, and snazz on Saturday, Nov. 11 and Sunday, Nov. 12.

Now whose stocking will you stuff with the strange and surreal goodies you find withing the walls of the massive space? Best upend the expectations,in a wonderful way, of someone you love.

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