Dig into Plant-Based Bites at VegFest LA

Eat around the Encino experience while savoring a host of plant-based goodies.

What to Know

  • Sunday, May 6
  • Free admission
  • Woodley Park in Encino

Oh, goodness, is this ever some summer's-on-the-wind weather.

It can make a person want to step outside and wave vigorously in the direction of the sun, an entity that will soon go away again when May Gray resumes. (No, the sun doesn't actually go away, but that ol' marine layer can make it seem so.)

For now, though, finding your largest-of-brim sunhat, and your breeziest wearables, and making for Woodley Park in Encino for a day of vegan-vivacious chow-downing seems like one of the only sensible and tummy-pleasing things to do. 

A park, healthy eats, a variety of sweet and savory choices from a host of local favorites on a sunbeam-laden spring day?

This is no May mirage: It's VegFest Los Angeles, which will indeed spread out at Woodley Park on Sunday, May 6, all to give lovers of plant-focused foodstuffs a chance to try a bunch of different sandwiches, desserts, tacos, and more.

Admission is free.

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Will cuisine-making powerhouses of the vegan-awesome assortment show? You bet: Look for a "delicious international vegan food court," so, yes, while entry to VegFest is free, show with money for trying all of those tastes.

But it isn't just about the eating at VegFest. A host of happenings and places to check out, including the Vegspiration Tent, the Learning Kitchen, Kids Kingdom, Vegan Jeopardy, and live music will fill out the big day.

A day that begins well before noon, at 10:30 a.m., in fact, and wraps a bit before sunset, at 6:30 in the evening.

Sunhat on? Said hello to the sun during this May Gray break? Ready to enjoy a large-scale vegan festival? Eat and enjoy the education in Encino on a sunny first Sunday in May.

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